Monday, January 30, 2012

Aunt Mondays?

I need to go back home to do my moms nails!!! 

Here are two things I did to other members of my family haha :) My two aunts! Still need help with hand positioning.... ;)

My Aunt: Two coats of OPI Eiffel for this Color and a coat of Icing Frost Yourself

This requires a special story, since becoming nail obsessed, this is the only one who would never let me touch her nails... My Aunt has been getting THE SAME MANI for over 10 years. OPI Blackberry. I can't even imagine having the same color on for so long.... but some how I magically got her to let me put some sparkles on them!! So this is 1 coat of Icing Glamorous over her previous mani.
(She says the only reason I was allowed to do this was because she was going to get her nails done the following day.... I will crack her one day though!!!)