Friday, June 15, 2012

Blog Sale and Exciting News!!

As some of you may have seen on my facebook, I am considering (read I NEED TO) start a indie polish line of my own :)
As a result of this I started this poll on facebook, take some time to answer it real quick! Thanks! haha
I also decided I needed to revamp my blog sale and add new polishes to it, I am going to France in a few weeks and I will need all the space for my new polishes as I can get!!

I also am planning on using the money I earn as a capitol of sorts to start my line.
Enough talk!! Wanna see a potential polish????

I want my line to be very customer-interactive so prepare for tons of questions/facebook polls in the future :)

To start with....Do you like this polish??

It is a true red jelly polish with Large Matte Red hex glitter, and equal amounts of fine black and silver glitter. Just enough to make the red pop, but still be work appropriate :D

Honest truth guys! Love it, Hate it, Seen it before, Wish I would change something ?????