Sunday, December 2, 2012

Holiday Challenge Day 2 - Gold!

See Day One Here!

Today is Rainbow Honey's Gilded Angel from their Holiday Collection. 
When I swatch the whole collection - I will make a overall blog post!

This is a beautiful gold foil/holo amazing color. I agree with the consensus  that seems to be occurring - it looks like an average gold in the bottle. But WOAH when its on the nail - the holo is stunning.

I applied two easy coats here, and no buffing to my nails! Streaks were nonexistent with this polish.

Check out the holo in that macro!!

I loved this polish way more than I expected - but that seems to always happen to me with Rainbow Honey's creations. I usually buy them all because I know they will stun me everytime x)

How about You? Did anyone else get this collection?
Anyone else doing this challenge??? :)

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Holdiay Challenge Day 1!

Hi! I am going to start the month off with a bang!! I have set up a couple of features to help me keep up with blogging and all the work that goes along with it. If you don't already like my facebook page please do - so you can keep up with updates or you can follow me on twitter @YourFingertipss. Both of those will be updated with any blog news/posts.
psssstttt.... I would keep my eye out for a give away soon ;)

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So lets get this started!!!!

Here is the challenge I will be doing this month.... It was made by Happy Hands!
Today's theme is Red!

I used Different Dimentions Bazinga! from their Big Bang Theory Collection.

It is a clear base with small dark red hexes, with medium gold/yellow hexes, and large red and gold glitter as well.

And a macro of the bottle :D

Overall, I loved this polish. It was super easy to work with, and what you see here is just one coat! I did absolutely no fishing for glitter. I think next time I will do this over white to see what it looks like!

These pictures also have one, yes ONE coat of Red Carpet Revlon Colorstay underneath. It went on like a dream and only needed one coat - and I wasn't even trying. It is the perfect firetruck red!!

Below is one coat alone... 

And Here is the picture for the challenge!

Anyone love the Big Bang Theory as much as I do?? Join the challenge too!!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Blog Sale and Exciting News!!

As some of you may have seen on my facebook, I am considering (read I NEED TO) start a indie polish line of my own :)
As a result of this I started this poll on facebook, take some time to answer it real quick! Thanks! haha
I also decided I needed to revamp my blog sale and add new polishes to it, I am going to France in a few weeks and I will need all the space for my new polishes as I can get!!

I also am planning on using the money I earn as a capitol of sorts to start my line.
Enough talk!! Wanna see a potential polish????

I want my line to be very customer-interactive so prepare for tons of questions/facebook polls in the future :)

To start with....Do you like this polish??

It is a true red jelly polish with Large Matte Red hex glitter, and equal amounts of fine black and silver glitter. Just enough to make the red pop, but still be work appropriate :D

Honest truth guys! Love it, Hate it, Seen it before, Wish I would change something ?????

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hare Polish - Archipelago

Hi all!!! Sorry for my absence, I have been painting my nails and taking pics though!! So expect posts for the upcoming week :)

Hare Polish was one of the first "Indie" polish brands I heard of. I stumbled upon her tumblr, and she was talking about her etsy shop. (Which I had no idea what that was haha). 

Now, I own TONS of homemade polish and LOVE them!! I am totally for this new trend so expect those posts soon!

But my first 4 Hare polishes will hold a special place in my heart :)

Onto the swatches!!!

I love the cute little bunny stickers and her awesome handwriting!! This is showing three coats of archipelago. It is a dusty blue jelly with gold hex glitter from small to large. I love this polish! My only complaint is I would have loved if the glitter was more dense. Because I wanted more glitter this was a PITA to apply and by the time I was done, clean up was not going to happen. So I apologize for the messy cuticles. 

Hare Polish retails for $ and you can buy them at her etsy shop here.
And her profile says as of 3/1/12 shop is closed for a few months :( but hopefully it will be up and running soon!!!  

Do you remember your first indie polish???? Let me know in the comments!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sale Updates!

Here are a ton of emails I received lately about sales all compiled for your convenience!!

Apothica, Skin Care Rx, Skin Botanica
Deborah Lippmann, Stila, Paul & Joe, Essie

Starting Today on their facebook page they are running a promotion similar to March Madness. Basically whatever product wins - we get 20% off of!!! Super right?

ALSO! Today their whole site is 15% off!!! So go run here now!!
**REMEMBER they have nail polish AND other beauty and skin products!**

The rest of the week is filled with sales too! So keep checking back here and I'll update you!

Cult Nails

In case you are unaware, Cult Nails is accepting pre-orders for their newest collection 'Diva's and Drama' and are re-releasing Captivated!!!

Click here to order and you get $10 off the retail price. All four retail for $40 but if you pre-order they are only $30! 
Click here to order Captivated - which is already in stock!!!

Born Pretty Store
Nail polish, nail art, and many other nail related items!

Here is the image I received about their sale - basically you get 12% off your entire order with code WD12 and other percents off other items seen in the picture.

Then it says if you spend $20 dollars you get a free set of ear rings with code gift01 or if you spend $38 you get a rhinestone nail art wheel with code gift02.

1. With a minimum of $20 worth order, you will get gift01(with random color). With a minimum of $38 worth order, you will get gift02. One person just can get one free gift.
2.Use the 12% off code WD12 when checkout your order, and get FREE SHIPPING.
3. Special Offer ends at 23:59:59 CST on 3/15/12.

Finally I wanted to tell everyone that I am on pinterest!  and on instagram my username is @devdev92 :) So follow me and leave your pinterest/instagram info below so I can follow too!!!

Hope you found this post interesting/informative!! :)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Quick Instagram Post

Hey! I am on spring break now, so I will have time to post more :)
Until then, check out some nail art I did on my friend on instagram! I got the inspiration from pinterest :)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Nfu-Oh 65 :) Holo Sunday!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BESTEST DAD EVER!!!!! Tribute mani to follow. anywhoo.... this could not have worked out better!! My dad's favorite color is blue :)

Here is Nfu-oh 65, the blue of the collection!

Indoors, indirect lighting 

Here is is in artificial light... 

and the super up close bad boy...

That wraps up my holo's from nfu-oh (For now hehe)
So lets recap!

            L-R: 61, 63, 64,

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dare to Wear and Perfect Match!

 A few weeks ago I was luck enough to receive some polishes for review from LeChat Nails, owners of Dare to Wear Polishes.

They have this amazing idea of providing a 'perfect match' set of nail polishes. They have soak-off UV gel polish that is sold with a free bottle of regular polish in the same shade.

I received their UV top and base coat plus a set of Private Escort, and Princess Tears

Isn't this box adorable!?

Princess Tears, I never imagined it to have all of this multi-colored sparkle!!!

Private escort is a hot pink with a tinge of red.

Here it is on my friends nails...
You can see that it is rather difficult to photograph.  I would say it is more color accurate on the nail picture. 

I loved working with their gel system and I plan on doing a full photograph tutorial soon!!

Have you tried Dare to Wear polishes yet? I know I just heard of them when I requested a sample of their products!!

*The products in this post were provided to me for my honest opinion by the manufacturer*

Friday, February 17, 2012

Cheetah Hearts

Here is another mani I did on my friend's nails!!!

We found the inspiration for this by a pin on pinterest, done by this blogger.

I used Jordana French white for the base, and Sinful Colors black on black for stamping. Then I went in and free-handed a heart using my stride-rite striping polish and outlined it in black.

She loved them and it really reflected her personality :) I was pumped I could re-create something like that :)

Also, you guys can follow my pins on pinterest by clicking here. I have non-polish boards as well so just follow the nail ones if you are so inclined :)

When did you last get inspired by a pic you saw??

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Revlon Bold Sangria

This is my Revlon Colorstay Review!!

When I heard about this I was super excited, being in college does not give you many opportunities to change your nail polish often. :(
So on the weeks I know I will be busy, I figured this would be a great alternative!!

According to Revlon: Gel-like shine and up to 11 days of shatterproof color, when worn with Revlon colorstay base and top coat.

So here is Bold Sangria with base coat, and two coats of color.
The base coat and top coat were really easy to work with, and the color was flawless! I was very impressed!
However, as you can see it dried significantly darker than the bottle color.

But I wanted to add black stamping (because this was going to be on my nails for 11 days) to spice it up. This picture was taken with flash after top coat. In significant light, it does match up to the bottle color, and you can see the stamping.... but irl I did not see the stamping much.

Due to my ridiculous exam schedule I kept it on for FOURTEEN DAYS!!!

Here is the wear...
Crappy cell pic, but you get the gist. For the first 9 days it was nothing but SLIGHT tip wear. Then it started to chip, but only when I used my nails for something, like scrubbing or washing my hair. 

I was SUPER impressed with this nail polish and the next time I wear the nail polish I will take a daily pic to show the daily wear. I also want to see what happens if you use a different base or top expect experiments soon!!!

Have you tried these polishes yet??? Have you had great experiences, or not so great?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Haul Post!!

I have to admit.... I buy ALOT more nail polish than I post on here, but I want to get in the habit of posting my hauls :)

First of all... Has anyone seen and actually used it???

Because I have used it and I love the consistency so far!! I googled my butt off and I could not find a review!! Help me out people! After using it a bit longer I will provide a review as well :)

Thenn Cherry Culture had a sale :)

NYX advanced salon formula in Gold Glitter, Delectable, Forever Young

Milani 3D holographic in Hi-Res, Digital, Cyberspace

NYX girls Asphalt, Deep Space (just new and old bottles)

THENNNN I went a tad crazy about the Revlon Color Stay system (Review tomorrow!!)

R-L: Bold Sangria, amethyst, indigo night, midnight, rainforest

R-L: Provence, Marmalade, Wild Strawberry, Red Carpet, Sequin

And I grabbed a ton of Frankens from Lacqurized, and Pretty and Polished. So look out for those too!!

Any you can't wait to see swatched??