Sunday, December 2, 2012

Holiday Challenge Day 2 - Gold!

See Day One Here!

Today is Rainbow Honey's Gilded Angel from their Holiday Collection. 
When I swatch the whole collection - I will make a overall blog post!

This is a beautiful gold foil/holo amazing color. I agree with the consensus  that seems to be occurring - it looks like an average gold in the bottle. But WOAH when its on the nail - the holo is stunning.

I applied two easy coats here, and no buffing to my nails! Streaks were nonexistent with this polish.

Check out the holo in that macro!!

I loved this polish way more than I expected - but that seems to always happen to me with Rainbow Honey's creations. I usually buy them all because I know they will stun me everytime x)

How about You? Did anyone else get this collection?
Anyone else doing this challenge??? :)