Monday, January 30, 2012

Aunt Mondays?

I need to go back home to do my moms nails!!! 

Here are two things I did to other members of my family haha :) My two aunts! Still need help with hand positioning.... ;)

My Aunt: Two coats of OPI Eiffel for this Color and a coat of Icing Frost Yourself

This requires a special story, since becoming nail obsessed, this is the only one who would never let me touch her nails... My Aunt has been getting THE SAME MANI for over 10 years. OPI Blackberry. I can't even imagine having the same color on for so long.... but some how I magically got her to let me put some sparkles on them!! So this is 1 coat of Icing Glamorous over her previous mani.
(She says the only reason I was allowed to do this was because she was going to get her nails done the following day.... I will crack her one day though!!!)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Nfu-Oh 61!!

No words are needed, but for dramatic suspense, here are some bottle shots of the adorable bottles Nfu-oh has.

Okay okay here are the pictures!! 

Look at the amazingness of just ONE coat! :)

Then you add a second coat... 

Weirdest part? This is what they look like in indirect lighting indoors... 

BAM! Up close and personal! 

You can buy these at this website, they restock every once in a while so keep checking if it is out of stock!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Mom Monday Cheetah Nails!!

I am slowly teaching my mom the way to position your hand for a good picture!! You can see her progress :)

This was her New Year's Mani, it matched her shirt perfectly!! She got tons of complements too and got to brag about me and my little blog ;)

Yes, my mom wears shirts like this..... 

This one really shows the multi colored effect of the holo sparkles !!

This is two coats of Pure Ice Best Friend, with Sally Hansen Black Diamond tips. I stamped over it with Zoya Codie using m57. And then my mom needed her glitter (Wet n Wild Megalast Dasher),

I was pretty surprised how light Codie stamped, but I really liked it in the end.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hits Zeus! Holo Sunday!

 I figured since we all dread the start of the week, what better on Sunday to prep you for the week like a Holo?? So Holo Sunday number one....

Hits Zeus!!!

Yum, black holo

I wanted to show it at one coat, this still had amazing holo effect!! Almost work friendly right?

I figured lots of pictures would be okay with you right?? :)

My favorite pic :)

This was all with just two coats and no top coat. Applied beautifully. You can buy them from this lovely lady here

So, like the Holo sunday idea? I would love to hear your thoughts :)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sula Ruby - more testing!

This is Ruby by Sula, it is another Paint & Peel Polish
I love this color!!! This was like a true red that got a dash of pink mixed in.

These pictures look a tad too red, this is 2 coats of polish with no top coat. 

These are with top coat, and are more true to the real color. 

I wore these for a day and a half, approx from when I woke up to noon the next day. I started absentmindedly peeling them off so I did not get a picture of their wear. It really was fine, just minor tip wear. Something I needed to understand was the dry time was slower than my usual seche vite. I should have waited about 10 minutes to do something rather than 10 seconds. haha. 

Here is the problem though, I finally understood why people were upset with this polish originally. When I did peel it off, it took the top most layer of my nail with it. I dont know if this is due to the top coat or wearing it for more than one day, but I will be doing more testing for you guys so expect my testing to continue!! haha :)

As a side note, I couldn't stop staring at my nails when I had these on.... I just LOVED the color. It was oddly so boring but wonderfully unique at the same time! I will be wearing this a lot in the future! 

*These products were provided to me to review unbiased*

Friday, January 20, 2012

Testing Paint & Peel!

Today I tested Moss. It is another polish by Sula's Paint & Peel Polish. 

It actually changed colors as it dried haha 
Left two are wet and right two are dry

No idea if it is supposed to do that or if it is just the way the color acts, it didn't really bother me though.

Here it is without top coat again, three coats. 
They couldnt have picked a better name for this polish. It is a true forest green that randomly has some brown tones to it. I really love it and I have nothing like this color in my collection. I think Sula should offer their colors in regular polish as well because I would buy the normal version of this in a heartbeat!

I love how shiny they are!! They feel kinda like plastic-y to the touch though.

Nails to other people 

After a day of wear here is my right hand... 

You couldnt tell there was any tip wear though 

My other hand, however, got into a fight with some plastic lol. Apparently this polish sticks to any kind of plastic and refuses to stay on your nail haha. It really isn't a problem, I was just trying to open something I should have used scissors on ;) I feel like top coat would fix this issue though.

And after one day they still peeled wonderfully! all off in one solid strip :)

I still have more tests!!! Come back tomorrow for more Peeling awesomeness!

*These polishes were provided for my unbiased review*

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sula Paint & Peel Products!

I was lucky to be able to review 6 polishes from Sula's Paint & Peel polish line
I really love the idea of this polish, I LOVE PEELING THINGS, like stickers or anything really!

I explain these to people like they are make up. You put them on in the morning and remove (peel) them before going to bed so you can start all over and match your clothes perfectly!! They, like make up, are not meant to be worn for days on end. Really, these should be applied daily. 

Did I mention they were Big 3 free AND water based?? Plus, because they require no remover, no harmful acetone. They really are the definition of healthy beauty. They also carry fragrance and other make up!

Here are the products I received.
Top to bottom:  Vermilion, Ruby, Tango Duos
These come with their top coat, lasting love, to add some wear time to the polish.

L-R: Moss, Blush, Royal

I love the caps! 

And the adorable dandelions thingys?? lol 

The first one I chose to review was Vermillion. Here are the directions on the box...

Here is three coats of Vermilion, no top coat
I feel like this is the perfect orangey orange. Like true crayon orange haha. 

Also, Something that I will be doing is showing you something I think is important... how OTHER people see your nails. So here are my nails from a short distance in general lighting...

And how much do you love my phone case!!! I love alice in wonderland :D

I really noticed little difference in application than non-water based polishes. I was super excited for that! I was most worried about unevenness, but it really was minimal. The application was outstanding considering the fact it is water based.

I knew I wanted to try peeling these off right away so I did not add the top coat. I waited about 15 minutes and it peeled off perfectly!!! All one sheet, it was so fun! Then I decided to wait another hour, and I peeled off the rest. There was no difference in peeling ability (haha) it went perfectly. 

Check in tomorrow where I put this polish to the test even more!!!

You can purchase these products and more at Sula's website here.

*These products were provided for my unbiased review*

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

HAPPY Mani :)

Ugh I cannoooottt believe I forgot to take a pic of this until the day I decided to take it off :(

This is approx 5 coats of Essie Funky Limelight. It was worth it though. Seriously made going back to university soooo much happier :)

Hope you all have a bright cheery hump day!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I'm A Frock Star!!

I love Sally Hansen Nail Effects. In fact, I buy wayyy too many and wear less than I wish I did. A friend bought me these way back when they first came out and I am just getting around to wearing it. I have used these about three times before so they are pretty easy to apply now, but for tips and full info click here to see All Lacquered Up's article from when they first came out.

This is it in Frock Star. Here it is the day I put them on....

I did put a top coat on (DONT USE SECHE VITE) but not a quick drying one. I used Seche Vite the first time and I wondered why they curled up on the edges so quickly.... it was Seche's fault haha. The strips however do not require a top coat. 

And here they are after 10 days. (Sorry for the crappy phone picture)

It basically looked perfect!!! It may have been because of the glitter, and the 'clear' base let it look a lot more forgiving. I was just bored out of my mind

And in case you wondered... this was a PITA to remove just like a real glitter. 

Do you like the Nail effects like I do?? I wish there was a cheaper version without the file and stick haha