Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I'm A Frock Star!!

I love Sally Hansen Nail Effects. In fact, I buy wayyy too many and wear less than I wish I did. A friend bought me these way back when they first came out and I am just getting around to wearing it. I have used these about three times before so they are pretty easy to apply now, but for tips and full info click here to see All Lacquered Up's article from when they first came out.

This is it in Frock Star. Here it is the day I put them on....

I did put a top coat on (DONT USE SECHE VITE) but not a quick drying one. I used Seche Vite the first time and I wondered why they curled up on the edges so quickly.... it was Seche's fault haha. The strips however do not require a top coat. 

And here they are after 10 days. (Sorry for the crappy phone picture)

It basically looked perfect!!! It may have been because of the glitter, and the 'clear' base let it look a lot more forgiving. I was just bored out of my mind

And in case you wondered... this was a PITA to remove just like a real glitter. 

Do you like the Nail effects like I do?? I wish there was a cheaper version without the file and stick haha


  1. Fab! I put the Salon Effects on my toes because I change my nails too often. And bonus, I only need about four strips to do my toes! So I can save the rest for another time!

  2. such an awesome polish.. :)