Thursday, January 12, 2012

Brand Wrap Up: Jordana

*** EDIT: Jordana just released some amazing new glitters, check it out here. I will be picking up purple party for sure! **

Final Day: Rich Green!

(I know I said a week, but I only had one more to swatch so I figured what the heck)

I love this green! I seriously think it is my favorite green in my whole collection! It applied beautifully with two coats. I cannot make up my mind if I want to call this a cream or a jelly so lets just say it is both!

My Final Verdict on Jordana:
This has been my first experience with this brand, and I must say that I am impressed. For the price, I think they make great creams that would add to any polish-lovers collection. I was shocked when I tried to look up swatches before I bought them, that not many bloggers own/review them. They deserve a lot more credit! I would love to try more of their jellies and creams. They do an okay job with the other finishes, but they pale in comparison to the coverage and beauty of the creams. I will definitely buy more of these!!

See the rest of the Jordana week here.

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