Friday, January 20, 2012

Testing Paint & Peel!

Today I tested Moss. It is another polish by Sula's Paint & Peel Polish. 

It actually changed colors as it dried haha 
Left two are wet and right two are dry

No idea if it is supposed to do that or if it is just the way the color acts, it didn't really bother me though.

Here it is without top coat again, three coats. 
They couldnt have picked a better name for this polish. It is a true forest green that randomly has some brown tones to it. I really love it and I have nothing like this color in my collection. I think Sula should offer their colors in regular polish as well because I would buy the normal version of this in a heartbeat!

I love how shiny they are!! They feel kinda like plastic-y to the touch though.

Nails to other people 

After a day of wear here is my right hand... 

You couldnt tell there was any tip wear though 

My other hand, however, got into a fight with some plastic lol. Apparently this polish sticks to any kind of plastic and refuses to stay on your nail haha. It really isn't a problem, I was just trying to open something I should have used scissors on ;) I feel like top coat would fix this issue though.

And after one day they still peeled wonderfully! all off in one solid strip :)

I still have more tests!!! Come back tomorrow for more Peeling awesomeness!

*These polishes were provided for my unbiased review*

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