Thursday, January 5, 2012

January Maven Box!

I keep forgetting to take pics of my Maven boxes, but let me just say, I LOVE THEM :) I never regret spending the $20 for tons of products. It is well worth it and also makes me try new colors, which I love to do but can't bring myself to buy haha :)

My box is American Beauty... Which is really the one that fits me PERFECTLY. I rarely change my box to another style (but you could easily change it :) )

Literally how I opened the box! Adorable!

I always think 'Julep, you already won me over!! Use your cuteness on someone else!'

I received two bonus nail polish remover pads!

And Pomegranate body scrub, I am normally not a fan of pomegranate smelling things, but I will let you know when I open it! BUT I was just thinking of how I needed to exfoliate my hands... Convenient :)

LOVE <3  I need to use this, the word slough just sold me ;)

My Beautiful colors!!! Anne (purple) & Maria (metallic rose)

ANOTHER bonus....I honestly have no idea how they afford to do this program, but I am NOT complaining :)

Here is something I noticed though: 

The packaging is different!! Now the name is found on the bottom and the top. I Love this new method and I hope it is not temporary because I felt the need to rip the top sticker off soooo many times hahaha :)

Since I started the maven program, I have started using cuticle oil, hand lotion, and now hand scrub!! They remind me I need to care for my hands and my nails :)

Do you all have a maven subscription? If not click here and RUN to go get one :D Seriously, I mean it.
***EDIT: Get your first box for $5 with the code JANUARY at checkout!!****