Thursday, June 30, 2011

50 Follower Giveaway Winners!!!

I have never had a giveaway before, but I loved every second of it!! It was an amazing thing to see how many people entered and what kind of crazy fact they were going to share. I started this contest with 50 followers and you guys have helped me get to 264!!! Its a crazy feeling and I still cannot believe it :D 

Another thing that has kept me passionate about nail polish are the Nail Polish groups on Facebook! You girls are so amazing and I am pretty sure most of the winners are from the group!! I am looking forward to having many more giveaways in the future. The next one is looking like it is going to be at 300 followers!!! help me get there and you can win!

Okay, enough of me rambling, you want to know the winners!!!!

First Prize:
See Original Post to see the names of the prizes.


AHH! Katie W You won the first prize!!!! <3 Congratz!

Second Prize:
See Original Post for Polish Names.


Woot!! Polished Components you won the second prize!!!!! :)

Third Prize:

OPI My Privet Jet (non holo), Essie Pop Art Pink, Rimmel Violet Metal, Studio M Covered In Diamonds (Flaky!) , Icing DL Dupe, Art Club Nail Stickers


Yaay Destany! You won the third Prize!!

Fourth Prize: 

So Easy Stride right Yellow, Color Club Breathless and Uptown Dash, Essence Bloom-A-Loom, Studio M Vintage Vamp


And TrailerHood Chic you won fourth prize!!!!

All the winners Have 24 Hours to respond to my email! :) If winner #1 does not answer, then Winner #2 gets the first prize, and everyone else moves up and I chose a new winner for the 4th place!!!

I can't believe its over!!! :D

Friday, June 24, 2011

Glitter Week Day 7!!

Alright well I honestly have 13 posts of glitters so this whole 'glitter week' isn't an actual week thing! haha :)

There are only 6 more days to enter my giveaway! So be sure to run and do that :) My plans are to add two more prizes: one for an additional winner (4 prizes total) and one for the person with the most unique comment. These things will happen only if I reach 200 followers :D So run and tweet and tell everyone and their brother! lol i love odd sayings.

Okay from left to right: Studio M Magic Attraction, Nubar Gem, Sinful Colors Queen of Beauty, Claires Glow in the Dark

From left to right: Glow in the Dark, Queen of Beauty, Gem, and Magic Attraction
Each is two coats of glitter by themselves.

Here they are again, each with one coat of black and one coat of glitter!

Here is a close up of  Magic Attraction. It is a clear base (its hard to tell) with just a crap ton of glitter! Its pretty amazing. I might pick up another one for my giveaway just because it is so unique. Most of the glitter is a coppery brown with holographic glitter also.

Here is a close up of Gem. It looks dupey to the glitter above, I'll do a comparison eventually. The main difference is this has a colored base. I don't know what color to call it honestly. Almost a brown leaning mauve. lol. Either way, it is also packed with glitter and holographic glitter. 

Here is a close up of Queen of Beauty. It is a clear based glitter with true silver glitter. No holographic or changing colors. It is actually pretty awesome without holographicness. As you can see, it does not like to spread out evenly by itself. So i recommend a color underneath it. 

Here is the glow in the dark nail polish. Claire's makes a bunch of different colors of glow in the dark nail polish, and this one is the white/clear version. It has light sparkles and you cannot tell it is glow in the dark. It is a great topper to give that extra pizazz. From what I can tell, the more layers of this polish - the more glow in the dark it is. I recommend at least three layers of it to make it glow!

So what do you think? Do you like the giveaway idea? :) Remember to enter it! It ends 6/30 at midnight and it is open internationally!! 

P.S. My little sister has started her own blog (hehe she wants to be like me :) ) and wanted me to tell you girls about it. She loves art and that is what it is based on. :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Late :)

Okay not nail polish related, but I wanted to share with all of you my other blog

I have neglected it in favor of nail polish but now that this blog is off to a good start I would like to try to promote my other one too!

It is focused on books of the young adult genre. If that does not interest you, that is fine! Thanks for even taking a look and of course a HUGE thanks for reading At your fingertips!!!! <3

--Devin <3

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Glitter Week Day 6!

Hey girls!! (and guys) I am really failing at remembering to post everyday!! I read other nail blogs and the facebook groups so much I forget to pay attention to my own blog!! :)

Onto the glitterryy goodness :) This one was the one I was the most excited for... I wanted to compare some of my holographic glitters.

From left to right: Northern Lights Top Coat, Wet n Wild Dasher, Odd nameless snowman, China Glaze Fairy Dust.

All of them by themselves, Two coats each. From left to right: Fairy Dust, Snowman, Dasher, Northern Lights.

Here they are in the sun, blurry to see the glitter.

One coat of each over black.

Here is a close up of Northern Lights. It is a clear base with holographic glitter that also doubles as a top coat. I honestly don't see what all of the hype is about with this top coat. I suppose it is cool that it is a top coat and not just a glitter, but I had to have TEN layers of this to get the glitter coverage I wanted. Not okay...

Here is a close up of Dasher. It is a limited edition polish so that stinks because it is a mini and I really like it! It is a clear polish with tons of silver/holo glitter.

Here is a close up of the snowman. It was on clearance for like 50 cents at meijer so I figured, what the heck? If you do enough coats this is a linear holo!! Woot. But I have no idea who made it. It also doesn't like to cover easily as you can see on the right picture. But for the price, you can't beat it.

Here is a close up of Fairy Dust. It is another clear based polish with similar glitter to Northern Lights. It is pretty holo as well. When I took these pictures I was like.... Um okay?? Where is the magic? But it really doesn't show its true potential until you put it over a color. Which I did... Later that day lol. Post to come :)

So.. What do you think?? Did I kill any lemmings for showing these? lol. I don't know if I would purchase Northern Lights if I had seen these pics before. It has good glitter for someone who doesn't want too much glitter.

What do you think??

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Glitter Week Day 5 :):)

I know it is pink Wednesday! But I need to go in order for my glitter posts because I am OCD about that. Oh! And at this point I have 115 followers :D:D:D:D:D:D:D I could not be more excited!! 
I am picking up more polishes to add to the giveaway! So look out for that!

Onto the glitter!! These are all silver holographic-ish glitters!

From left to right: Icing Frost Yourself, Wet n Wild Kaleidescope, NYC Starry Silver Glitter, Icing Glamorous.

Here they are with two coats each, over nothing. From left to right: Glamorous, Starry Silver Glitter, Kaleidescope, and Frost Yourself

 Here they are one coat of glitter over black!

Here is a close up of Frost Yourself. I love the movie reference for this nail polish!! It has a clear base with big circle silver glitter, and HUGE hexagon silver glitter. Super original in my opinion and it has a holographic effect as well!

Here is a close up of Kaleidescope. It is a great glitter for the price and I think everyone should have it!! It is one of the prizes in my giveaway too!! It is a clear base with tons of micro glitter and bigger circle glitter. It is also holographic in the sun! :)

 Here is a close up of Starry Silver Glitter. It is another great cheap glitter!! It has a clear base with a bunch of silver holographic glitter and then some bigger hexagon glitter in blue, purple, and silver. A must have!!

Here is a close up of  Glamorous. It has a clear base with TONS of glitter. In the right pic you can see how holographic it is!! And that wasn't in any direct sun!! 

I love all of these because of the holographic effect, it just gives an extra oomph to an old mani. :) 
What is your favorite??  

P.S. Because I swatched all of these glitters during the course of one day, my cuticles get stained black more as the week goes on. Please don't mind this! It was literally impossible to get off no matter how hard I scrubbed. :(

Monday, June 13, 2011

Glitter Week Day Four :)

I am so excited to say I have reached 100 followers!!!!! 
AHHHH!!!!!!!! I really expected to only reach maybe 10 people. I don't know if you know, but my friends basically had to force me into this blog because of my overwhelming shyness. If you look at the first couple posts I was so awkward and I don't know, just odd. I still might be like that, but I feel good about it now! The polish groups on facebook really help me out too! I love all of you girls and everything you taught me!

From left to right: OPI's Last Friday Night, Icing Epic Winning, China Glaze Atlantis, China Glaze Dorthy Who?

From Left to right: Dorthy Who?, Atlantis, Epic Winning, Last Friday Night. Two coats each with nothing underneath

Here they are in the same order over black. Only one coat of glitter.

 Here is a close up of Last Friday Night. It is a blue jelly like base that is really sheer. It is packed with mini glitter and bigger glitter.

Here is a close up of Epic Winning. It is another Charlie Sheen polish. It has a clear base but you couldn't tell with the amount of glitter stuffed into this polish. It definitely needs a thick top coat! It has mostly blue and sliver glitter but the random orange pieces make it really unique.

Here is a close up of Atlantis! It seems like a jelly polish, because you can see all of the glitter from the previous coats! A great green-leaning turquoise, with silver and holographic glitter!

Dorthy Who? Is one that I was bound to love. It is a true blue with a crap ton of silver glitter!

As you can see, today was all of the blue based glitter!

What was your favorite? :)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Glitter Week Day Three!!

Hey girls! I hope you all have seen that I have opened my 50 followers giveaway :D If you haven't entered already, click the picture -->

At the time of writing this I already have 82 followers!! If I reach 100 I will add more prizes :)

One of the requirements is a random fact about yourself! I really want to share them with you! So at the end, I will post a list of them :) If you don't want yours to be shared let me know!!

Onto the glitter post :)

Today's is all of my purple glitters!!

From left to right: Sinful Colors Frenzy, Nina Ultra Pro Purple X-ing, and Wet n Wild Night Prowl

In the pictures the order is reversed, from left to right: Night Prowl, Purple X-ing, and Frenzy. Each with two coats by themselves. 

Here they are over black, one coat of black and one coat of glitter. 

I'm adding this picture of them blurry so you can see the sparkle!!

Here is a close up of Frenzy!! It is an amazing polish! I love layering it over a pink color because of the awesome contrast. It is a clear base with TONS of purple and blue glitter. 

This is a close up of Purple X-ing. This is definitely able to be worn alone, its a one coat glitter!!! But I thought it would look nice over black as well, and I wasn't disappointed. This is a super thick glitter because it has tons of holographic mini glitter, plus purple glitter, plus a purple base! It looks so much better in real life, but be warned - It is bumpy to the touch so use a thick top coat!

Here is a close up of Night Prowl, In case you can't tell, over black is on the left and alone is on the right. It has a black base packed with purple glitter. Wearing it alone gives it more depth, but it also is a great topper over black.

I love purple, so it is no surprise that I love all of these :)

As a bonus, check out what I found watching me take pictures of my nails!!

Hehe, I love squirrels! 

Which glitter is your favorite?? 

Friday, June 10, 2011

50 Followers Giveaway!! **CLOSED**

I know I should have probably waited till I reached 100 followers, but I have been picking stuff up for it so much, I would have had a HUGE prize :)

****EDIT*** Now there will be 5 winners :)
All edited things are in red 

Sooo Here is what you can win!!!

First Prize

Close up of the prizes!!

Borghese Milano Taupe, Zoya Crystal, Essie Chubby Cheeks, Essie Shifting Power, Essie Matte About You (My Favorite matte top coat!!)

Top: Sally Hansen HD in Byte and Laser, Wet N Wild Kaleidoscope and Grey's Anatomy
Bottom: (top to bottom) Icing Force of Love (dupe for DL's Across the Universe) and Magnetic Attraction
Nicole by OPI's Nic Sticks in Where's My Chocolate and Cram for an Exam

Plus 7 Stamping plates, Stamper Set, French Guides, and Essence Nail Art Stickers!!

Second Prize 

From left to right: Sally Hansen HD DVD, California Colors in Fusha, Red, Orange, Pink, Navy (Found at TJMaxx, great pigmented colors), Color Club Uptown Dash and Breathless, Essie Shifting Power

Also an Art Deco Striper of Gold Glitter and Some Perfume Samples!!

Third Prize!!

To be announced :)

Fourth Prize!! (Kinda Like a Gag Gift) hehe

Left to Right: Stripe rite Yellow striper, Color Club Uptown Dash, and Heavenly

Random Fact Winner!

I will pick the 5 funniest/weirdest facts and YOU will vote who wins. This prize will be announced a week after the giveaway! :)

Prize to be announced :)

1. Must be a GFC Follower :) (+1 entry)

2.  Must tell me a random fact about you (+1 entry) yeah I am a weirdo :)


1. Add me to your blog roll (+2 entries)

2.  Post about my blog on your blog (giveaway page, side bar, post etc.) (+1 per)

3. Tweet about the giveaway (+1 entry)

4. Facebook about this giveaway (+1 entry)

Woo Hoo thats all!!!! Hope you guys like the prizes!! You can comment about the giveaway, but to enter you need to fill out the form below. :)

Ends June 30th :) And open internationally!!!