Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Night Post!! :)

Today, I have a swatch of OPI's Last Friday Night. It is a part of the Katy Perry Collection. I wasn't too excited by this in the bottle but I bought it to complete the Katy Perry Collection. I would consider this a jelly just for the fact that it applied like jelly. There was tons of glitter suspended in each coat.

All Pics are in full sun with one coat on the pinky, two on the ring, three on the middle, and four on the pointer. This definitely needs four coats, maybe five if you wear it on your own. But it would be a fantastic blingy manicure :) I have seen tons of swatches where this was layered and the possibilities are endless with this polish. Overall, I like it but next time I am using some polish thinner!

But check out the awesome glitter on this!!!!

P.S. I didn't even realize it was Friday night until now :D How perfect!!


  1. Love this! I find it quite similar to Hottie by Sinful Colors. Following! :)