Thursday, June 2, 2011

LATE, Late, late :(

I have been failing at posting lately, I KNOW!! Sorry! :(

But because I still have not uploaded new pics, I am treating you to some nail art I did before the blog! (BTB) hehe. Which means, I have no idea what colors I used because, at that time, I did not pay attention. Oopsies! So enjoy the nail art spam :)

I LOVED this one, I used a grey shimmer for the base and different colored nail art stripers for the stripes!! 

This was a fun plaid design that I found on youtube or google that I have since used in MANY color combos. Its really an awesome summer mani and super easy!
On the one above I chose to keep the pattern the same on all of the nails....
(Obv I used a Sinful Colors Orange for the base hehe) 

The two above are random plaid patterns.

And just for funzies, Here is a mani I did on my roommate that was sooo fun!!

They are all of our friends on her nails!!! They were all done with a striper brush too!!

So I hope you enjoyed my nail art spam ;) I reallly love nail art and I want to start showing it more here :)

What do you think of these designs? Have any suggestions for designs?? :)