Friday, June 10, 2011

Glitter Week Day 2!

Yaay!! I have 56 followers!! I am so grateful to have any followers at all! There will be a giveaway posted soon, I just have to get the stuff together!!

Onto the glitters: 

Today is all of the pink/red glitters :)

From left to right: Icing Tiger's Blood, OPI Teenage Dream, Ulta After Party

Here they are all by themselves, two coats each. In these pictures the order above is inverted. From left to right is Ulta After Party, OPI Teenage Dream, Icing Tiger's Blood

Here they are one coat over black. 

Close up of Tiger's blood. This is one of the famous 'Charlie Sheen Polishes'. :)
It is a reddish/orange jelly base full of orange and red glitter, both large and small pieces.

Close up of Teenage Dream. It is a mauve/pink color. The base seems to be just a large amount of micro glitter, with the occasional hexagon piece. 

Close up of After Party. This is a clear base glitter with red, pink, and silver micro glitter. It seems to have the same base as Teenage Dream without the hexagon pieces.

What do you think of today's glitters?? Do you like the idea of a glitter week?? :)


  1. I am still not a fan of teenage dream... I just got tigers blood though and I am even more excited about it now since I have seen it on you!

  2. Honestly, neither am I. its really nothing special

  3. I love Teenage Dream!! I will so take your bottle happily lol. I think it looks better in person too.

    Is the Tiger's Blood over red in that one, or is it just more coats alone?

  4. Just two coats alone :) You don't have teenage dream?!

  5. I'm always amazed at how gel glitters change so much when put over black! I think I love all glitters and flakies over black lol

  6. Great post.

    I don't have Teenage Dream but I do have Sally Hansen's Strobe Lights and it's an exact dupe for it.