Monday, June 13, 2011

Glitter Week Day Four :)

I am so excited to say I have reached 100 followers!!!!! 
AHHHH!!!!!!!! I really expected to only reach maybe 10 people. I don't know if you know, but my friends basically had to force me into this blog because of my overwhelming shyness. If you look at the first couple posts I was so awkward and I don't know, just odd. I still might be like that, but I feel good about it now! The polish groups on facebook really help me out too! I love all of you girls and everything you taught me!

From left to right: OPI's Last Friday Night, Icing Epic Winning, China Glaze Atlantis, China Glaze Dorthy Who?

From Left to right: Dorthy Who?, Atlantis, Epic Winning, Last Friday Night. Two coats each with nothing underneath

Here they are in the same order over black. Only one coat of glitter.

 Here is a close up of Last Friday Night. It is a blue jelly like base that is really sheer. It is packed with mini glitter and bigger glitter.

Here is a close up of Epic Winning. It is another Charlie Sheen polish. It has a clear base but you couldn't tell with the amount of glitter stuffed into this polish. It definitely needs a thick top coat! It has mostly blue and sliver glitter but the random orange pieces make it really unique.

Here is a close up of Atlantis! It seems like a jelly polish, because you can see all of the glitter from the previous coats! A great green-leaning turquoise, with silver and holographic glitter!

Dorthy Who? Is one that I was bound to love. It is a true blue with a crap ton of silver glitter!

As you can see, today was all of the blue based glitter!

What was your favorite? :)


  1. love all of these! but isn't that first polish last friday night not teenage dreams?

  2. also congratulations on 100 followers!!!

  3. Oh wow Im stupid! Okay I changed it :) And thanks!

  4. Those are so pretty! Epic Winning is amazing!

  5. congrats love on having 100 followers! Ive got ChG Dorothy Who? and I LOVE it! I'm eye-ing Atlantis and Last Friday Night at the moment and I mst say they are absolutely gorgeous! Happy Day Steph! :D