Saturday, June 11, 2011

Glitter Week Day Three!!

Hey girls! I hope you all have seen that I have opened my 50 followers giveaway :D If you haven't entered already, click the picture -->

At the time of writing this I already have 82 followers!! If I reach 100 I will add more prizes :)

One of the requirements is a random fact about yourself! I really want to share them with you! So at the end, I will post a list of them :) If you don't want yours to be shared let me know!!

Onto the glitter post :)

Today's is all of my purple glitters!!

From left to right: Sinful Colors Frenzy, Nina Ultra Pro Purple X-ing, and Wet n Wild Night Prowl

In the pictures the order is reversed, from left to right: Night Prowl, Purple X-ing, and Frenzy. Each with two coats by themselves. 

Here they are over black, one coat of black and one coat of glitter. 

I'm adding this picture of them blurry so you can see the sparkle!!

Here is a close up of Frenzy!! It is an amazing polish! I love layering it over a pink color because of the awesome contrast. It is a clear base with TONS of purple and blue glitter. 

This is a close up of Purple X-ing. This is definitely able to be worn alone, its a one coat glitter!!! But I thought it would look nice over black as well, and I wasn't disappointed. This is a super thick glitter because it has tons of holographic mini glitter, plus purple glitter, plus a purple base! It looks so much better in real life, but be warned - It is bumpy to the touch so use a thick top coat!

Here is a close up of Night Prowl, In case you can't tell, over black is on the left and alone is on the right. It has a black base packed with purple glitter. Wearing it alone gives it more depth, but it also is a great topper over black.

I love purple, so it is no surprise that I love all of these :)

As a bonus, check out what I found watching me take pictures of my nails!!

Hehe, I love squirrels! 

Which glitter is your favorite?? 


  1. LoL @ the Squirrel!! My dad got me a squirrel call a few months ago because they're always jumping on the roof of my back porch or crawling down the tree nearby to scare the snot out of me.

  2. Purple Xing and Night Prowl are two of my favorite polishes ever. Purple Xing has to be thinned for best consistency, but oh, that color!!

  3. I think I will thin it next time I use it!!

  4. I like the Nina Ultra one best!