Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sula Paint & Peel Products!

I was lucky to be able to review 6 polishes from Sula's Paint & Peel polish line
I really love the idea of this polish, I LOVE PEELING THINGS, like stickers or anything really!

I explain these to people like they are make up. You put them on in the morning and remove (peel) them before going to bed so you can start all over and match your clothes perfectly!! They, like make up, are not meant to be worn for days on end. Really, these should be applied daily. 

Did I mention they were Big 3 free AND water based?? Plus, because they require no remover, no harmful acetone. They really are the definition of healthy beauty. They also carry fragrance and other make up!

Here are the products I received.
Top to bottom:  Vermilion, Ruby, Tango Duos
These come with their top coat, lasting love, to add some wear time to the polish.

L-R: Moss, Blush, Royal

I love the caps! 

And the adorable dandelions thingys?? lol 

The first one I chose to review was Vermillion. Here are the directions on the box...

Here is three coats of Vermilion, no top coat
I feel like this is the perfect orangey orange. Like true crayon orange haha. 

Also, Something that I will be doing is showing you something I think is important... how OTHER people see your nails. So here are my nails from a short distance in general lighting...

And how much do you love my phone case!!! I love alice in wonderland :D

I really noticed little difference in application than non-water based polishes. I was super excited for that! I was most worried about unevenness, but it really was minimal. The application was outstanding considering the fact it is water based.

I knew I wanted to try peeling these off right away so I did not add the top coat. I waited about 15 minutes and it peeled off perfectly!!! All one sheet, it was so fun! Then I decided to wait another hour, and I peeled off the rest. There was no difference in peeling ability (haha) it went perfectly. 

Check in tomorrow where I put this polish to the test even more!!!

You can purchase these products and more at Sula's website here.

*These products were provided for my unbiased review*


  1. The blush color looks really pretty! Do you have a swatch of that one?

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