Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Years!!!

I figured today would be a good time for reflection!!

Lets look back at some of my old *shudder* mani's. (Before I knew about hand position and clean up)

You may or may not have seen these, I can't remember if they have been posted and honestly its fun to look again!!!

My first attempt at free handed art, two colors and a flower!!! OH WOW! haha

I love this, need to try again! All Free hand and I am pretty proud of myself haha

TMNT!! I could do WAY better now, another one to do again, and on bigger nails haha

As you can tell, zebra became my comfort nail art haha

Did these watching a nail art tutorial on youtube (my first try!) I can't find it, but let me know and Ill give credit!!

When I found Chloe's Nails....ahh I would stalk that blog like no ones business. My first attempt with tape and nail polish!! Pretty good :)

This was when I got my first konad plates!! Pre-bundle monster so I figured I would only ever have 5 plates hahahhaahahahha So wrong :)

This was an attempt to see what I could do with marbling with a toothpick, I tried various techniques and colors. Some look pretty cool. My first experimenting  :)

More Konad magic haha, alot faster than freehanding!

My proudest moment, These nails were AWESOMEEE ahh i just remember the satisfaction of doing my nails so perfectly with nail art haha

And my first try with a dotting tool! (honestly, I still can't use them well haha give me tips!!)

Hope you liked this flashback!!!

What do you remember most about first painting nails/ nail art??  
I remember looking at bloggers and being like "OMG How are their nails so perfect?!?!?!?"

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