Thursday, January 5, 2012

Weeks Of Swatching!

I have decided to do a week of one Brand every once in awhile, as you may have noticed the poll says Zoya won (and I am working on that) but I already had a week of Jordana swatched :) SO here goes nothing!! :)

Day 1: Jordana Pink Bunny 

This was my first experience with this brand, and I must say it was a good one!! It was great coverage! Ignore the strange bumps on my nails (something got caught in there) and you can tell it's a very smooth creme polish. No top coat! I used two coats but it could have easily been done in one! 

It really reminds me of true pink and bubblegum :D Yum!


  1. I also wore pink too today! yay! ^_^

  2. Such a pretty barbie pink :D such a smooth finish

  3. Thanks!! I really loved how smooth and pretty it was too :)