Saturday, December 1, 2012

Holdiay Challenge Day 1!

Hi! I am going to start the month off with a bang!! I have set up a couple of features to help me keep up with blogging and all the work that goes along with it. If you don't already like my facebook page please do - so you can keep up with updates or you can follow me on twitter @YourFingertipss. Both of those will be updated with any blog news/posts.
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So lets get this started!!!!

Here is the challenge I will be doing this month.... It was made by Happy Hands!
Today's theme is Red!

I used Different Dimentions Bazinga! from their Big Bang Theory Collection.

It is a clear base with small dark red hexes, with medium gold/yellow hexes, and large red and gold glitter as well.

And a macro of the bottle :D

Overall, I loved this polish. It was super easy to work with, and what you see here is just one coat! I did absolutely no fishing for glitter. I think next time I will do this over white to see what it looks like!

These pictures also have one, yes ONE coat of Red Carpet Revlon Colorstay underneath. It went on like a dream and only needed one coat - and I wasn't even trying. It is the perfect firetruck red!!

Below is one coat alone... 

And Here is the picture for the challenge!

Anyone love the Big Bang Theory as much as I do?? Join the challenge too!!

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