Thursday, February 16, 2012

Revlon Bold Sangria

This is my Revlon Colorstay Review!!

When I heard about this I was super excited, being in college does not give you many opportunities to change your nail polish often. :(
So on the weeks I know I will be busy, I figured this would be a great alternative!!

According to Revlon: Gel-like shine and up to 11 days of shatterproof color, when worn with Revlon colorstay base and top coat.

So here is Bold Sangria with base coat, and two coats of color.
The base coat and top coat were really easy to work with, and the color was flawless! I was very impressed!
However, as you can see it dried significantly darker than the bottle color.

But I wanted to add black stamping (because this was going to be on my nails for 11 days) to spice it up. This picture was taken with flash after top coat. In significant light, it does match up to the bottle color, and you can see the stamping.... but irl I did not see the stamping much.

Due to my ridiculous exam schedule I kept it on for FOURTEEN DAYS!!!

Here is the wear...
Crappy cell pic, but you get the gist. For the first 9 days it was nothing but SLIGHT tip wear. Then it started to chip, but only when I used my nails for something, like scrubbing or washing my hair. 

I was SUPER impressed with this nail polish and the next time I wear the nail polish I will take a daily pic to show the daily wear. I also want to see what happens if you use a different base or top expect experiments soon!!!

Have you tried these polishes yet??? Have you had great experiences, or not so great?

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  1. That's really not bad tip wear for polish you've been wearing a whole two weeks! Pretty colour, too.