Sunday, February 5, 2012

Nfu-oh 63 Holo Sunday!!!

I hope you are starting to look forward to sundays :)

Here is Nfu-Oh 63. The 'Pink' Holo from the collection. Shown is two coats without top coat.

Here it is in direct sunlight...eeee! 

FYI, the bottles have NO holo effect even in the brightest sun... so strange but its good to know. 

Here it is in indirect indoors light. 

And the best part! The holo shows up even in artificial light... 

Nails to other people...

So as you can see.... the holo COULD be apparent to other people.


  1. ooh gorgeous! I NEED more holos in my life!

  2. Gorgeous holo! I tagged you for the Cute Blog Award.