Friday, February 10, 2012

College and Nails :)


I got into Pharmacy School!!!!! Four more years and I will be a Doctor :) sort of :) Anywhooo I am so pumped and just wanted to share.

My Sister Sent me this picture....Its so adorable!!
As you can guess, school takes up a ton of my time and the future seems full of school as well. However, even when I am not posting, I am painting tons of my friends nails and my own :) For the weekends where I can schedule them. 

Just wanted to explain my sort of erratic posting :) Hope you don't mind!!

On to the nails!!! Our school's colors are the same as the Vietnam flag, so the week of our pharmacy interviews and the week of the lunar new year... I did my Vietnamese friends nails....

I loved them! They were so festive, both for the new year and our college :)

This is tips in Orly Ma Cherie and outlined with a nail art brush in yellow. And topped off with seche vite.


  1. Congrats! That's so exciting about getting into Pharmacy school!

    Also, these are so cute. The yellow and red used to be my high school colors lol.

  2. Thanks!! Its a big relief to not have to worry about getting in! Now I can focus on my blog a bit more :D

  3. Congratulations future PharmD!!! The time will fly by faster than you know! I still remember getting my acceptance letter like it was yesterday and now it has been almost 3 years since I graduated. :)

  4. All the best in Pharmacy School!

  5. Ah congradulations! You must be so happy, another step up in achieving your goal! All the luck with it :)

    Love these colours together, the lines are so perfect! pretty one:)