Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hare Polish - Archipelago

Hi all!!! Sorry for my absence, I have been painting my nails and taking pics though!! So expect posts for the upcoming week :)

Hare Polish was one of the first "Indie" polish brands I heard of. I stumbled upon her tumblr, and she was talking about her etsy shop. (Which I had no idea what that was haha). 

Now, I own TONS of homemade polish and LOVE them!! I am totally for this new trend so expect those posts soon!

But my first 4 Hare polishes will hold a special place in my heart :)

Onto the swatches!!!

I love the cute little bunny stickers and her awesome handwriting!! This is showing three coats of archipelago. It is a dusty blue jelly with gold hex glitter from small to large. I love this polish! My only complaint is I would have loved if the glitter was more dense. Because I wanted more glitter this was a PITA to apply and by the time I was done, clean up was not going to happen. So I apologize for the messy cuticles. 

Hare Polish retails for $ and you can buy them at her etsy shop here.
And her profile says as of 3/1/12 shop is closed for a few months :( but hopefully it will be up and running soon!!!  

Do you remember your first indie polish???? Let me know in the comments!!