Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Chameleon Nail Polish

Today while I was at Rite Aid I found these cute little nail polishes called Chameleon Nail Polish. They are manufactured by the same company as CQ nail polish. They are exclusive to Rite Aid so if you want them, thats the only option.

They are very shimmery and duo-chromy in the bottle.

With Flash
 From left to right: C13 Blue Frost, C11 Calypso, C22 Blue Sky

Without Flash
On the nails...

With Flash, No Top Coat
Without Flash, No Top Coat

Okay I still don't know about these polishes. I want to love them! But quite honestly I dont know, these were pretty opaque (I didn't expect them to be) I used three coats just to be safe. They were still oddly streaky and  ended up having more of a frost finish than a duochrome like the bottle. I wish the cool colors stayed on the nails but, oh well. I added a top coat to see if it would be improved. 

With Flash, With Top Coat

No Flash, With Top Coat

I don't know if the top coat helped or not.... I think the issue is it doesn't self level. I would love to make these work because for $3 a bottle is awesome. 

If you could give me any pointers on this specific brand, or your experience with it. Or even if you could give me tips on applying frost finishes.
Thanks and Happy Wednesday :)


  1. Hmmmm. I was eyeballing these a few weeks ago, but ended up not getting them. I may pick one up just to try.

  2. I would love to see how they work for you. I am going to give them a second shot :)

  3. oh i bought some of theses!! i love the blue one!! sometimes it looks purple, sometimes blue...AWESOME!!! i guess thats why they call it chameleon? i admit the quality is kinda crappy and streaky but NOT THT BAD! sure ill get some more bottles!

  4. hi there.. i recently purchased two of these and have tried them on sample nail wheel, love the look on their own and also over black. i think i will be getting the whole collection. in your pix, i like them better with a topcoat. fun polish. thanks for swatching. tristan