Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Remover Comparison

Okay so exams are upon us! I have no time for nails which is very depressing but I still will try to blog everyday :) It just might be late at night! Because this post is soooo late and there was no post yesterday, this is my sorry post number 1 (there will be a second one too)

For my first post I will be comparing 3 different removers. I personally just use pure acetone because I don't like to mess around taking my nail polish off. I wouldn't have tried the other ones but I got two free samples so I figured I would see what all they hype is about. They will be compared in several different categories so lets get started!

I compared Zoya's Remove +, Sephora by OPI's Nail Color Remover, and pure acetone. 

This is what my nails looked like after 3 swipes of the cotton pad. (And I had like 5 coats on so they were all pretty good) 
Pointer:  Zoya
Middle: Sephora
Ring: Pure Acetone

Zoya Remove +
Smell: A little overpowering, but not an alcohol smell. Reminded me of perfume.
Total Amount of Swipes Until Completely Removed: Average for both hands = 22
Dryness After: There was little dryness afterward, but I felt like it left a greasy residue on my nails.
Price: 32 oz for $25 ($0.75 per oz)

Sephora by OPI's Nail Color Remover
Smell: A light fruity smell, not overpowering at all.
Total Amount of Swipes Until Completely Removed: Average for both hands = 22
Dryness After: There was little dryness afterward, but it was easily taken care of.
Price: 4 oz for $9 ($2.25 per oz)

Pure Acetone
Smell: Smells like acetone haha. Pure alcohol smell. 
Total Amount of Swipes Until Completely Removed: Average for both hands = 10
Dryness After: There was just a bit more dryness than Sephora, it didn't bother me after my base coat.
Price:  32oz for $5 ($0.16 per oz)

When it comes down to it I don't see the benifit of using special remover, for the price it should work better. I am going to stick to acetone. You just cant beat the price and the smell goes away! haha

What remover do you use? Should I give these other removers a try?


  1. I'll stick to my Remove+ or the Pink Sallys acetone. Pure acetone really did a number on my cuticles and nails in general. Once I switched to Zoya my cuticles changed completely and so did my nails.

  2. Like you, I usually just use pure acetone. I recently switched to the non-acetone to see if it would help my nails not break so much. I would much rather spend my money on polish than remover.

  3. @Cris, Maybe it was just the polished I used that left the residue but it was super annoying, Ill give it another shot one day :)

    @Ashley Agreed, I love the price and I just make sure to use hand lotion after :)

  4. I usually use 70% acetone or remove+
    Not even sure you can buy pure acetone in Australia... I've never seen it anywhere. How odd.

    following your blog btw.


  5. Thanks :) I love seeing the differences between here and Australia, my uncle lives there :)

  6. I stick with remover + for me it is 100% worth it, occasionally I use acetone to clean up around my nails but if I use acetone on them they start to peel hella bad :(