Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pink Wednesday!!

I just joined the awesome group of ladies who wear pink on Wednesday!!! Loveeee the mean girls reference and I am pumped to try out all of my pinks :)

Today is also the first time I used a zoya nail polish, and let me say it did not disappoint!! The application was smoother than.... well anything :) It was a tad thinner than the nail polishes I'm used to, but I dont know if that is a Zoya thing or because this polish is so sheer. I'm wearing Zoya Hayden, an awesome pink with tons of microglitter. It made my nails happy to wear it :) Although, it did still leave some visible nail lines but it wasn't terrible. I'll probably layer it over another pink next time. 

And of course I got bored with that so I did some black tips...
20 minutes later I was bored with that too so I took out my Konad :)

This is the fishnet stamp from m57

Excuse the crappy quality of my pictures, I left my real camera at home and so I have had to take them all with my phone. Still, they are pretty decent for a phone camera.

Have a Great Wednesday!!!

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