Monday, April 25, 2011


Unfortunately, I have been ridiculously busy today. This was the earliest I could blog :( So.... A Mani I did before Easter Vacation :)

I got this idea a while ago and my roommate loves animal print. So, TAH DAH :)
I used Konad plates for the designs and tape to keep the designs in the right area.

And my highlight of the day....... 

MY BUNDLE MONSTER PLATESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Both sets and I am already loving them!! 
However, my chemistry test is not allowing me to play with them until tomorrow night :(

Did anyone else get their plates in?! Did you get to use them yet?!
Good night :) 


  1. I got my plates in! I already did a post with the zebra stamp :) Check it out on my blog:

  2. Awesome :) Super cute too! Im following you now too :)
    I love the zebra but I want to try some of the new animal prints like giraffe too!