Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Mani - Day 3!

Happy Easter to all that celebrate :) And Happy Sunday to everyone else!!!

I Have had a lot of fun with Easter this year (It is my favorite holiday :) and I am going to share some of my fun with you! 

First, coloring eggs..... I guess all kinds of color (not just nail polish) love my fingertips. 

Keep in mind that this was after 3 hand washes :)

But it does give my Easter mani that extra something :)

Instead of a green thumb I have a pink one :) I think we should use a pink thumb to describe nail polish lovers :D

Anywhoo I'm an idiot and forgot my camera connector at school so you are just going to have to look at the phone camera version of my mom's Easter mani. And just know that the awesomeness is even better in real life :)


She wanted all of her nails to look like they were Easter eggs. I love the way it turned out :D and they are soooo shiny its ridiculous!! Everyone was stopping her and asking her where she got her nails done. She was so cute and proud :) 

For the colors I used Color Club Yum-Gum (hot pink), Twiggie(Green), Secret Rendezvous(purple), Sheer Disguise(blue), Get A Clue(light pink) , and Studio M's French Tip (white). For the Silver lines I used Art Club's Silver. Then I used SESR's Pearly white color and their pure white.

In case anyone was wondering Yum Gum is part of Color Club's Wicked Sweet Line that is all Scented. And though I was hesitant, I still got these and they do not dissapoint!!! They smell awesome! And are scented the entire time you have your mani on.  Even through a top coat and other colors :) 

Have a great day!!!

P.S. For anyone that is paying attention, I have used like the same 10 colors this entire weekend. This is due to the fact that all my nail polish is at school and it is physically impossible to bring them all back home haha :) Even though I want to!

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