Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Mani - Day 2!

Sorry about how late this post is!! I just have been crazy busy with Easter preparations :) Anywhooo on to the manicure :)

This is a three coats of the lovely Sheer Disguise by Color Club. It was almost too beautiful to paint over!! It was a light dusty grey/blue. However, a warning when using this color: USE THIN COATS! I mean REALLY thin, otherwise the color will not dry fully and you will get ugly wrinkley nails even an hour after painting (With Seche Vite too!). The only way I found to solve this was using thin coats, and letting them dry completely. 

 Then using Color Club Secret Rendezvous (purple) and Color Club Get a Clue (pink) I made stripes to look like an Easter egg :) My original plan was to use tape to make the stripes but even after all of that waiting the tape kept getting stuck to the polish!!! What the heck?! I am hoping it was just this color or just this bottle because I have never had this problem with Color Club before. So i just ended up free handing it and it turned out good. I used Art Club By Color Club silver for the stripes and finished with Seche Vite. 

I am going to be posting tomorrow but it will probably short and sweet and later in the day. Have a Happy Easter everyone!!


  1. Niiiiice!!! I haven't gotten any gray toned colors yet but I'm really liking that one. Where do you get Color Clubs?

  2. I went to, you can buy the whole collection at once or just one at a time. I had no grey based ones so I got the whole set :)