Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Thank You, A Polish Haul, and A Test

Happy Tuesday!! Well for me it is :) Easter break starts tomorrow!! 
Well onto the blog post now, there is a lot of stuff I want to share haha :)
First, thank you sooooo much to my followers, I love and appreciate all of you <3

Second, Look at my awesome polish haul from yesterday!!

At college it is awesome to get a package in the mail, and yesterday I got TWO!!! 
So from left to right:
Orly Space Cadet
Zoya Norra
Zoya Areej
Zoya Demi
Zoya Kamilah
Zoya Beyonnce
Zoya Eve
Zoya Lindsay
Zoya Hayden
Zoya Vanessa
Mode Jaded
Mode Arsonist

I'm super excited to try them all but I must say that having so many options makes me reluctant to pick any of them :( so I will probably have my roommate pick one or just choose with my eyes closed haha

Alright and third, I have been having a lot of problems with my nails peeling and so I picked up a bottle of Sally Hansen's Hardening Continuous Treatment. The polish is slightly creamy and opaque but you could definitely put it over top another polish without ruining the look. I am using it as a base coat for now....

Ew gross I know, bare nails. And they are all different lengths, but I figured to track how well this works I should refrain from cutting them down for now. The box said that in 10 days my nails would be noticeably harder and thicker. So I'll take daily pictures and post them all on the 10th day.

P.S - I wrote down allll of the nail polish I have and their names so look for my stash to be updated soon!

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