Sunday, April 17, 2011

Starting Out :)

Okay so many of you may be surprised, or not so surprised to hear that I want to start a nail polish blog :) And just in case anyone wants to make fun of me for it see this picture....

Don't be mean or she will come and get you!!

Haha jussst kidding :) She is actually pretty normal and nice.

Most of the time :)

Okay on to the nails!!

I suppose my fascination with nail art started in August/September of 2010. I just found the nail art pens and brushes :) And I was hooked from there! Although I have always had a weakness for buying nail polish since I was a kid. haha :) And since I live in a college dorm word got out pretty quick about how I loved painting nails. I ran out of ideas pretty quick so we started to google ideas and from there I discovered the wonderful world of nail blogs!!! :D

Tonight my friend (pictured above :) convinced me to start one of my own. (It didn't take much convincing) And here I am!! 

So on to the first manicure post!!
Here is my current manicure...

I got this idea from a fellow blogger though I can't remember who. Sorry!
The nail polishes I used from thumb to pinky:
Studio M - French Tip
Essie - Pop Art Pink
Color Club - Yum Gum
Color Club - Poptastic
Color Club - Warhol

And let me just say the whiff of bubble gum I get throughout the day is AMAZING! Not an overpowering scent and it is true to the label :)

I did the dots on my thumb by using a dotting tool and the colors from my other nails. 

Thanks for listening to me ramble :D


  1. I like this blog. My nails smell like raspberries :)