Sunday, May 1, 2011

Exams :(

As many people have probably experienced, exams are STRESSFUL! And time consuming. And overwhelming. And just overall crappy. So I am not going to be posting much for the next week but once I move back home I will probably be doing my nails a crap ton because I will be suffering withdrawals from painting all my roommates nails!!

Here is the AWESOME mani I have had on for like 5 days now (thats how much I love it) and I COULD NOT capture the right color and the flakies at the same time...

This is inside at like midnight :) with flash and before clean up...

Zoya Norra with Nubar 2010 overtop :)

The Second picture is much more true to the color of Norra. Its a beautiful vampy shade that looks awesome with my pale skin haha :)

Then I was outside a few days later and took a picture of the flakies glowing... 

Click on these pictures for the flakie goodness!!!

They flashed orange, green, red, yellow, everything!! When I was taking a test the light was hitting them so awesomely I kept getting distracted!!!!

As you can see it held up pretty well, besides tip wear :) I still have it on now but I think I will change them today to test the 10dayness of the Sally Hansen Effect Strips or whatever :) Its a good way to spend my exam week. 

Goodbye for now :)

p.s. Happy Birthday to my awesome roomie <3

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