Saturday, May 14, 2011

Haul SPAM!!

Okay, I have been putting off blogging until I unpacked! Sorry :( And the day I want to start up again... BLOGGER IS DOWN. :( It was all in all a very depressing day. But I have some awesome posts planned so stay tuned :)

For today I figured I would post pictures of all of the hauls I have had in the past two weeks. And you might say, how many hauls could you possibly have? Well....a lot. I truly am addicted haha :)

Warning: PIC HEAVY :)

First, A picture of what I came home to from college....

Yes, they are all polishes :D  Don't judge me!! :)

All of the polishes contained in said packages.....

I did not write down all of them, but just comment and I'll look up the name for a certain one :)

Here was an especially awesome package from an awesome ebayer...

My three awesome polishes, PLUS a hand written note, free bottle of Sephora's nail polish remover, Perfume sample, and mini OPI!!! :)

I have no idea what color this is (no name on the bottle), but If you girls recognize it let me know!!

This is a pretty accurate picture of the color.

My new crackles :):):):)

Here is a true testimony to how awesome Zoya is! I received my Zoya Earth Day order and when I opened it, there were six polishes that I did not order!! I talked to customer service and told them what happened. They shipped my correct order out right away and let me keep the ones I received in error!! I got to get more Zoya and they are all beautiful! I just never would have gotten them myself!!

Here is my haul from the Earth Day order....

From left-right: Zoya Reece, Gwin, Faye, Valerie, Apple, Charla, Crystal, Roxy, Ki, Adina, Areetha

And my extra beauties :)

From L-R: Sarah, Jasmine, Rica, Ivanka, Demi, Kotori

Plus I ordered the Mod Matte Minis !!!

Sorry for the crappy pic quality :/

Then I got these from Lacquer Lady's Blog Sale :)
She still has some awesome polishes so be sure to check it out.
And eeppp!! My first Catrice polish :)

From L-R: China Glaze Short and Sassy, China Glaze Stella, OPI Last Friday Night, Orly Fantasea, Catrice Sold out forever, and Zoya Crystal

Then I went to Meijer and saw that the JUST put tons of polishes into clearance. Anything 'Eastery'. PLUS! All Wet n Wild Cosmetics are 50% off!! Go run to Meijer's Girls!!!
So, of course, I had to get some!! 

From L-R: Nicole by OPI It Starts with Me, Nicole by OPI The Next CEO, Wet n Wild Waves of Enchantment, Studio M Jelly Bean Dream, Studio M Plum Perfection, Studio M On the Hunt, Studio M Painted Eggs

THEENNN I took my first trip to the mall since I have been back from college and came home with my first Claire's Polish, First Revlon and First Maybelline !! Plus it killed my lemming for a glow in the dark nail polish :D

From  L-R: Revlon Ruby Ribbon (Matte), Revlon Emerald City (Matte), Nameless Claire's Glow in the Dark Clear, Claire's Mood Nail Polish Earthy/Happy, Maybelline Express Finish Timely Turquoise

Then I went to Sally's and used my Free China Glaze Coupon with my 15% off coupon. I can't say no to sales!!! And they gave me ANOTHER 15% off coupon!! They know it is my weakness :)

From L-R: Nina Ultra Pro's Purple-xing, Finger Paint's Psychedelic Sunshine, China Glaze Tempest, Orly Passion Fruit, Orly Dazzle, Orly Rage

Finally (almost done, promise!) I got my NYX Polishes from Cherry Culture's Sale.
Like my Polka-Dot Sheets?? ;)

They threw in a free Bubble Gum chapstick!! It smells awesome :)

From L-R: NYX Girls Zurich, Royal Purple, Sexy Plum, Purple Noir, Ink Heart, Complex Purple, Robotic, Boho, Golden Lavender

P.S. After writing this I just got a package with Teenage Dream by OPI !! I finally have the full Katy Perry Collection. WOOOO!!

Are you as addicted as me? Is this normal?? (please say yes!) How have your hauls been?


  1. OMG Love it all! You have been doing something right in your life, good things come to good people!

  2. WOAH!!!! That's a crazy huge haul!!

    you will LOVE catrice's sold out forever.... beautiful formula and the color is to DIE for!

  3. Awesome!! I can't Wait to try it! I have heard great things about Catrice :)

  4. gorgeous!!! love haul posts! make me feel better about my own hauling habits... ahaha

  5. Oh fab haul! The mini opi looks like rumples wiggin to me from the shrek collection?

  6. @Lesley - yes! thats why I need to go find other people's haul posts right now!! haha

    @ Suzanne - You are prob right!! Thanks so much!! :)