Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Haircut and Sunshine :)

So incase any of you haven't seen on facebook already... I cut my hair!! It was super scary but I went ahead and cut it off!!! I went into the salon thinking maybe 3- 5inches would be good. Well then my stylist asked if I wanted to donate it!! I had wanted to donate my hair since I was little but I wanted my hair to still be longish once I cut it. Soooooo... Me before and after the 10inches were chopped right off :)

It is sooo weird having such short hair. I don't think it has been this short since I was seven!! Ahhhh :)

But onto nails now, I painted my friend's nails the other day with the totally unique Psychedelic Sunshine by Finger Paints. 

Pinky - One Coat,      Ring - Two,       Middle - Three,      Pointer - Four

She had a hard time holding the bottle :p

Four coats. 

This was a really goopy polish to work with, it wasn't impossible but it was difficult. It was a really sheer jelly base PACKED with yellow glitter. It is very unique and it is the reason I am going to be keeping it. I don't know if I like it personally, but it is bright and great for summer!

It took foreverrrr to get opaque and it probably could have used another coat but I wont put more than four. 

What do you think? Have you had luck with this polish? Do you like it?
How about my hair? ;) haha I am still getting used to it

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  1. Love it! My finger paints glitters are super goopy too :( I used some thinner but it didn't help much.