Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sleepless Stash Post :)

Wanna know when I went to sleep last night?? NEVER!
As of right now I have been awake for.... 35 hours!!
Needless to say I am ridiculously tired and hyper :) I get in a giddy mood if I don't sleep.
But if you wake me up early I get cranky :p so watch out!

ANYWHOOOO.... I figured this would be a good time to post my stash post :)
I did this about a week ago, and now I am sharing it! 

The beginning of the project!!

Color sorting.....

After the first day :o   This is three hours of work lol
Labeling, swatching and putting them away.

After I realized I needed the entire drawer without nice little baskets haha

Final color wheels!!! (I have more polishes since this pic :0 )

The final drawer!!! I have no idea what to do once this drawer is filled!!!

P.S. If you were wondering why I have been up so long, I have no idea. I just laid in my bed wide awake till like 4 am. Then I gave up and started watching TV till it was an appropriate hour. I have tried to take naps but to no avail!! 
P.S.S I now have a vast knowledge on infomercials

I love stash posts so post a link to yours in the comments!!! What do you think? Do you have any tricks to fall asleep??


  1. I loooooove stash posts! Yours is great!!! Mine is at

    I also gave you an award on my blog:

  2. My polishes are currently in cardboard boxes! haha I've never been one to be organized. I think I need to do those color wheel thingys.

    How many polishes do you have in total?

  3. Honestly i have no idea... Last time I counted I had 50. That was like months ago!! I would guess about 100 - 150.