Saturday, May 21, 2011

Yaay Award :)

Thanks so much to I am Definitely Addicted for the award!!

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1. I love these kind of posts just because you can see who the people are behind the blog
2. I have about three pairs of shoes I wear consistently, I am too lazy to match my shoes and outfits
3. I am ALMOST fluent in French. I love France and I am going there next summer!!
4. I would only watch the Disney Channel until I discovered Law and Order. And the Game show network. And yes I am in college and I am proud to like Disney :) 
5. I actually enjoy doing other girl's nails because I love how excited they get when they have pretty nails! 
6. My Drink of choice is always WATER :) I don't like pop much, or juice, or anything else lol
7. I am absolutely LOVING being a polishaholic with the girls on the facebook group!! It is so awesome to connect with all of these people to talk about polish!!

I am going to tag anyone who has under 50 followers!!! And if you don't have a blog feel free to post your seven facts in the comments!!


  1. @ #4... ME TOO! Haha, I love the Disney Channel and L&O! I'm getting kind of sad because all my favorite Disney shows are starting to end and I haven't started watching the new ones. I think I'm finally getting too old for it :(

  2. I feel the same way!!! I was so sad they were cancelling so many :( But at least I have younger siblings that still watch it so i am familiar with the new shows!