Thursday, September 8, 2011

Julep Info :)

Hey! I know this has been going around the blogosphere lol (is that a word... oh well). But I absolutely LOVE this idea. I cancelled my birchbox subscription ($10) and upgraded to Julep ($20) :) It is a much better decision for me because I absolutely never used anything I got in my birchbox - I was only interested in nail polish. So then I heard about JULEP!! Yaay! I had heard about this brand but it was too expensive for me as a college kid. This was a great way for me to try their products.

Another thing I love about this, is that it makes you try new polishes you would never have thought you would like. Plus, each box contains about $40 worth of product so it is a great deal. It also comes with hand/nail care items so it gives you a chance to try new hand care regimes.

Here is how it works: Click here to sign up and take a quiz to find your nail polish personality. (If you don't like your decision, take the quiz again.) Then you get your first box. Next month, they send you an email with your pick for the next box, If you do not like the color, you can request a new shelf pull! You can also cancel anytime before the 25th of the month. Or you can gift one box to a friend!! There are so many options its great. Also, you can get a personalized link (like mine above) so that whenever a friend signs up under your name, you get a $15 credit on your Julep account! You can use this to get anything! Like a polish you have been craving!!

First you get a quiz to find out what kind of 'girl' you are. I am American Beauty. I actually have not heard of anyone else with that!

The Box after opening.

Handwritten.... LOVE.

I got Alfre and Cameron, both I love!!

Cute bag!! Its like an extra bonus you get to regift lol.

All Wrapped up.

Polishes!! L-R: Nail Therapy, Alfre, Cameron

I love the side detail!

Here is the Mani I did with Cameron!!!

Ah!! Bare nails! But here is one coat of the nail therapy! I love it!!! It smells sooo good and I can't get enough. It really makes my nails feel great.

And two coats of Cameron! Here it is in indirect sunlight. 

No Top coat! The shine is amazing. I think this is the pinkest pink I would ever wear. Its bright but not blinding and it is by far my favorite pink I own now!

It wore very well! I put a coat of Seche Vite on after and it lasted a week of intense college moving with barely any tip wear. 

Now to clarify the issue that has been bothering a lot of bloggers lately.  The referral link given out to the first sign-ups to the Maven program did not work. It sucks but honestly just caring about the credit you get is kind of selfish. I received an email a day after finding out about this mistake and learned that because of this issue, they are giving us Mavens that have been here for the problem our October box FOR FREE. I think this is a great way to resolve the issue. In my opinion the referral credit is just an added bonus and not the only reason I signed up.  I am not saying this to be mean, I was really upset when I found out the code was not working also, But I think they handled it well. 

If you are interested in signing up to be a maven click here. And use the code smh9oxu to get your first box for just $5!!! (Click Free shipping too!)

Thanks for reading!!! My September box is at my house currently so I will post it as soon as I go home :)


  1. I signed up for this too!

  2. Do you know how long this code is good for? And I assume I'm not misunderstanding something...but you get the first box for $5? Isn't that a crazy amount of savings?!?!

  3. Just registered through your link and used your code :) thanks!