Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 12 - Stripes!

Today is another Nouveau Cheap Inspired purchase... See her post about it here. 
I made sure to stalk the crap out of the 2011 Fashion Week collection because I knew there was two polishes with hidden blue shimmer, but I didn't remember their names. 

Here is one!! Purple Trend by Maybelline.
BAM! It does look very similar to a bruise color, (I thought it was brown at first) but it is deep purple. 

It was super hard to capture the blue shimmer in this one, but it was night time so I couldn't tell you if the sun would have helped.

Even without the shimmer it is a beautiful color.

Here it is under artificial LED light. Super amazing right??

Here is what I came up with for the stripe challenge!! I did a mani before this and found I suck at vertical lines, so i stuck to some other versions. I could totally see myself wearing this instead of stripes that were all the same!

Hope you guys are having a great day!!! See you tomorrow!


  1. Very nice stripes! I'm gonna need to try this!

  2. new follower here! awesome mani! love the stripes! you're definitely more steady handed than i am! haha.

  3. Very creative nails! :)

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  4. Very cute!


  5. Your striped manicure is very unique! I love how it looks textured! Great color choices!