Sunday, September 11, 2011

Day 11 - Polka Dots :D

For the next couple posts I tried to use my untried polishes that I bought recently! 
So here is Mermaid's Lagoon by Jessie's Girl, it is a new LE polish from the Julie Collection.
The reason I got this polish was a post by Nouveau Cheap that showed the awesome shimmer! I am completely obsessed with her blog so if you haven't checked it out- GO NOW!

This is one of the most color-accurate and shimmer showing pictures I got. It was super subtle and I must say, its why I fell in love with it!!! Going in the sun with this would be crazy awesome!!

This is inside in indirect lamp light, you can see that it looks like a creme almost, its like a hidden surprize just for you!

For the challenge of the day, I wanted to do something a little more original and this just popped in my head. I fail at making straight french tips and this is a good way to get around that! I would totally wear this as a full mani one day. Plus I love the color combination!

I would also like to remind everyone to keep the families and friends of those who died today ten years ago in their thoughts and prayers. I was in elementary school when it happened and I know that if it affected me like it did, I could not have imagined it as an adult who knew all the consequences.