Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day 7 - Black and White

Okay today's nails started out with an awesome idea and kinda turned into a fail. However, I would probably still wear it.
I started with two coats of Sally Hansen White out. And my plan was to stamp piano print on it in black.... but it would not transfer!!! AHH! I want that stamp to work sooo bad. I have not given up yet!!

So instead I used... plate m22

Yeah ignore that it is upside-down. I actually made them all look different like that. I dont know why that would seem like a good idea, but it looked like I had shaky hands while stamping.... idk. 

If i did this mani again I would put them all in the same direction.... probably like my middle finger diagonally. 

So what do you think??? Fail or okay??


  1. I FREAKING LOVE THIS!!!! Seriously, the farthest thing from a fail. love love. Proud of you hunny :)

  2. This is awesome! I like the idea of stamping piano print too... how cool!

  3. This turned out great!

  4. wow, i love LOVE it. this is such an awesome idea :)
    looks great.. def not a fail.

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  5. Love it!!!! I wish i would have had this stamp! I did a piano/music sheet mani for my black and white mani! great minds this alike :-)