Thursday, December 22, 2011

First Franken :)

This was the first 'franken' I ever tried!!! To be honest, its really not a franken... more of a way to save one of my sally hansen magicals :)

I used polish thinner to get all the dried remnants of the magical out (bad ebay purchase haha). And added the wet n wild dark purple to it.

I ended up using WAY too much purple (first franken, remember?) so I added some of the spectraflair holo topcoat that I had.

Inside, not much holo, but a pretty color!

And outside!! 

It is a very slight linear holo, but I really love the subtle effect it gives. Like a secret that I know and no one else :)

I named it Lena after the main character in one of my favorite book series, Beautiful Creatures. She is very unassuming like this polish, but has a hidden beautiful secret ;) Deep, I know haha.

In case you are interested, I wrote a review for it on my other blog here.

That's it for today, do you like it??

*** I did not write down the name of the wet n wild or magical that I used :( if anyone can tell from pictures, let me know!!***