Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Blog Sale and Update!

Hey!! As you may have noticed I just up and left the blogging world :(
I just kept putting it off and off until I was so nervous to even go on my page in case there was any comments about my absence! I know, silly :)

But anywhoo, it was because of COLLEGE. Ugh. It really has been wayyy more stressful this year, so my reward is going through all my polishes, purging, and buying more!!

My new interest is frankening :) so expect to see those soon! I am also going to be a swatching manic over break so I can support my blog with *hopefully* daily posts!

Soooo I will start posting again tomorrow! As for then, I purged my stash, I got rid of over 100 polishes....my stash is now over 700!!!

Crazyness, I know. And a lot are untried!! Make sure you check my blog sale here or up in the top bar (there is a TON of variety).

:D Hope you all have been good while I have been gone!!


  1. Welcome back!! College can be SO stressful, though I am glad to see you coming back :)

  2. Awe thanks!! I am pumped to be back :)