Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hare Polish - Archipelago

Hi all!!! Sorry for my absence, I have been painting my nails and taking pics though!! So expect posts for the upcoming week :)

Hare Polish was one of the first "Indie" polish brands I heard of. I stumbled upon her tumblr, and she was talking about her etsy shop. (Which I had no idea what that was haha). 

Now, I own TONS of homemade polish and LOVE them!! I am totally for this new trend so expect those posts soon!

But my first 4 Hare polishes will hold a special place in my heart :)

Onto the swatches!!!

I love the cute little bunny stickers and her awesome handwriting!! This is showing three coats of archipelago. It is a dusty blue jelly with gold hex glitter from small to large. I love this polish! My only complaint is I would have loved if the glitter was more dense. Because I wanted more glitter this was a PITA to apply and by the time I was done, clean up was not going to happen. So I apologize for the messy cuticles. 

Hare Polish retails for $ and you can buy them at her etsy shop here.
And her profile says as of 3/1/12 shop is closed for a few months :( but hopefully it will be up and running soon!!!  

Do you remember your first indie polish???? Let me know in the comments!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sale Updates!

Here are a ton of emails I received lately about sales all compiled for your convenience!!

Apothica, Skin Care Rx, Skin Botanica
Deborah Lippmann, Stila, Paul & Joe, Essie

Starting Today on their facebook page they are running a promotion similar to March Madness. Basically whatever product wins - we get 20% off of!!! Super right?

ALSO! Today their whole site is 15% off!!! So go run here now!!
**REMEMBER they have nail polish AND other beauty and skin products!**

The rest of the week is filled with sales too! So keep checking back here and I'll update you!

Cult Nails

In case you are unaware, Cult Nails is accepting pre-orders for their newest collection 'Diva's and Drama' and are re-releasing Captivated!!!

Click here to order and you get $10 off the retail price. All four retail for $40 but if you pre-order they are only $30! 
Click here to order Captivated - which is already in stock!!!

Born Pretty Store
Nail polish, nail art, and many other nail related items!

Here is the image I received about their sale - basically you get 12% off your entire order with code WD12 and other percents off other items seen in the picture.

Then it says if you spend $20 dollars you get a free set of ear rings with code gift01 or if you spend $38 you get a rhinestone nail art wheel with code gift02.

1. With a minimum of $20 worth order, you will get gift01(with random color). With a minimum of $38 worth order, you will get gift02. One person just can get one free gift.
2.Use the 12% off code WD12 when checkout your order, and get FREE SHIPPING.
3. Special Offer ends at 23:59:59 CST on 3/15/12.

Finally I wanted to tell everyone that I am on pinterest!  and on instagram my username is @devdev92 :) So follow me and leave your pinterest/instagram info below so I can follow too!!!

Hope you found this post interesting/informative!! :)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Quick Instagram Post

Hey! I am on spring break now, so I will have time to post more :)
Until then, check out some nail art I did on my friend on instagram! I got the inspiration from pinterest :)