Monday, August 22, 2011

Update :)

I am moving in to school this Thursday so I am planning on scheduling my posts for the next week based on the challenge post I did earlier :)

I did all my manicures for the first week but forgot to post them because I am a lameo. I am probably the only person that is planning so much about where I am putting my polishes in my dorm ;)

I have figured out I can probably put about 80 polishes in my setup (out of over 300 that seems like nothing!!) and today is my day to decide which ones i am taking :( I AM IN PANIC!!!!

Any suggestions for which kind or colors etc I should take would be appreciated :)
Also, I gave out free manis (with nail art) all of last year, due to my increased spending I need to charge them something just to offset costs. It really sucks but I can't afford to waste my polish ever day on approx 5 people a day.

So I also need some advice on how much to charge. I am thinking one charge for plain nails and an additional charge for nail art. Keep in mind these are poor college students.

Thanks for you help!! :)

I am planning on another post sometime today :)


  1. When would you contact the winners from 300 Followers Giveaway? :D ^^

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  2. I emailed you two times :) I am just waiting on your reply

  3. I would take all untrieds, then maybe a couple of tried and true favorites.

  4. @kayJay- Excellent Idea. That way, I will be forced to use my untrieds! :)

    @imfeelingnail-venturous - I need more time!!! Lol

  5. Just found your blog-love it! Am a new follower

  6. have you sent it?:D

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