Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 4th!! A wee bit late :)

I know I know, I am late. But in my defense I was at the hospital yesterday for a reallllly annoying procedure. And I slept the rest of the day. I am finally feeling normal so here goes :)

I apologize for the wear on some of these, I painted my mom and my grandma's nails and it took me a week to track them down to take a picture of their nails haha :)

These were my grandma's nails. She was so excited whenever people asked where she got her nails done :) She was proud lol. I started with a coat of White Out by Sally Hansen, then taped off her nails and added Color Club Chelsea Girl (blue), and OPI An affair in Red Square (red). And topped it off with silver Stripe Rite striper polish.
That OPI is hers actuallly, the ONLY nail polish she owns, CRAZY :)

These were my mom's nails. She does this thing where I paint the base coat and she just keeps asking for more and more lol. I used China Glaze Sexy in the City for the base coat, then she wanted dots. So I added dots of  White on by sally hansen. Then she wanted red tips, that is An Affair In red Square. Then wanted me to line them with white. phew! It took awhile but she was satisfied :) I think they look like wonder woman!

These were my nails at one point. I think I will be doing them again for the 14th of July because that is France's Independence day and It looks like their flag :)

This is a total fail. I had high hopes for this in my head but it just sucked! I did the red base coat on my nails (Ruby Ruby by Sinful Nail Colors) and Blue (Fly Away Sinful Nail Colors) on my thumb and ring fingers. Then I used the Spectraflair top coat for a funky french. It was super messy so i added the line of white to make it look better. The problem was, I was on my way somewhere so I lined them while in a car. NOT a good idea. It was reallly hard to keep it steady. Then I added a star of the opposite color on each. I was in a hurry and in a car but if I would have taken my time it would look alot better :)

This was what I ended up with as my mani! It was my first water marble ever! I love how it came out :) I used the same red white and blue as above. Plus I didn't like the way my thumbs turned out so I added a second coat of water marbled and it was soooo cool! It was kinda see through so you could see the bottom layer. It gave it a cool depth. So now my thumbs are my fav! Click it for the awesomeness!!!

So there you have it! I am gunna start scheduling my posts so hopefully they are more regular :)

What was your favorite?


  1. Hi Devin:

    I would not say that this was a total failure, think of it as practice, I love the manis you did and yes, my favorite was the marbling which is gorgeous, the first pic, with the red, white and blue, silver,looks so cool, love the green with the white polkas dots. The blue white red colors are nice, the other pic, did you try to use a CG Crackling Glaze. I would have loved to see what that would have ended up to be, so it's not a failure Devin...It's so cool that you have such a awesome web blog...I love the design and you work so hard to please your fans. Try not to be so hard on yourself and give yourself some Kudos!


    Georgey :)

    PS I love the font you choose another piece of art work

  2. I did my first water marble for July fourth as well. Yours turned out awesome! :)

  3. I love the design with the dots and red tips!

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  5. Super cute manicure! By the way, I am your new follower!!!!!! I like your blog!!! I found you on someone's blog roll!!!!