Monday, August 22, 2011

Update :)

I am moving in to school this Thursday so I am planning on scheduling my posts for the next week based on the challenge post I did earlier :)

I did all my manicures for the first week but forgot to post them because I am a lameo. I am probably the only person that is planning so much about where I am putting my polishes in my dorm ;)

I have figured out I can probably put about 80 polishes in my setup (out of over 300 that seems like nothing!!) and today is my day to decide which ones i am taking :( I AM IN PANIC!!!!

Any suggestions for which kind or colors etc I should take would be appreciated :)
Also, I gave out free manis (with nail art) all of last year, due to my increased spending I need to charge them something just to offset costs. It really sucks but I can't afford to waste my polish ever day on approx 5 people a day.

So I also need some advice on how much to charge. I am thinking one charge for plain nails and an additional charge for nail art. Keep in mind these are poor college students.

Thanks for you help!! :)

I am planning on another post sometime today :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

300 Follower Winners!!

Here are the long-awated winners!

1st Pick

Anamarija T won her first choice pick!!! Scented prize!!!

2nd Pick

Precious Pearl Won her first choice - A taste of Each Brand prize!!

3rd Pick

Fashion Freak won a Prize, unfortunately her first choice was already taken. So she wins the Funky Fingers Prize!!!

4th Pick

Mellie won the last prize - The Oldies But Goodies!!!

Congratz to all the winners! I will be emailing you shortly!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

31 Day Challenge!!

Today is the end of my 300 Follower Giveaway!!! Make sure you enter if you haven't already!

As for my blog I stumbled upon this on Here Comes the Sun's Blog. And I plan on using it as inspiration to post for the next month or so!

  • Reblog this post if you’re going to accept this challenge 
  • One post per day
  • If you miss one, pick it up the next day
  • Post a picture of each mani
  • It would be nice if you listed/linked to what polishes you used
  • For the inspiration prompts, SHOW US YOUR INSPIRATION/SHARE LINKS
  • HAVE FUN!!!
My Rules Are:
I probably wont post everyday, so I am not going to stress over that :)

Comment if you are going to do it too!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

300 Follower Giveaway!!! (update)

Hey guys! Thanks for being so patient with me to get back on my blogging feet :)
So I have decided to extend my giveaway until tuesday because I forgot to remind everyone about it :)

See you guys then!!!

Click here to enter.